To Whom It May Concern:

I have been working with video and sound for almost twelve years now and software for the past eight. I enjoy working with a team and feed off the energy that is created when a group is excited about a project. All my greatest accomplishments have been achieved with the hard work of a team.

I graduated from Los Angeles Film School September of 2006. Because of the quality of the work I performed during school, I was offered a job at the school as soon as I graduated. Not long after that, many people that I worked with began offering me work outside of the school and I pursued it. They were mostly small jobs on music videos, commercials, and television. Back in Texas, my parents’ business was expanding fast and moving into oilfield services. I decided to move home to help them with their expansion and to earn money to pay off student loans.

After 2008 work in the oilfield was hard to find so I decided to move on. I had a few odd jobs during the transition including work with a roofing company. I then worked as a server at Cheddars. At Cheddars, I met Ron McWilliams and he invited me to join his production company, Blazing Glory Productions.

At Blazing Glory Productions, I was the Director of Ammo & Attitude Season 1, and Editor of Predator Pursuit and Veterans Outdoors. I also directed many commercials for sponsors, along with small businesses around the state of Texas.

While working at Blazing Glory Productions, I planned the action for each episode while considering product placement and brand exposure for sponsors. I also had a hand in managing the budget and exploring opportunities for cross promotions to reduce expenses for individual projects. Also, during this time I began building websites and became very interested in software.

Back when I worked for my family, I noticed some problems with communication during the transitions between drilling sites and I noticed how complicated it was to market products to customers that moved around so much. So, at the end of 2009, I began work on a company called Locate Drilling. It was an app for recording and exchanging maps between companies on remote drilling sites where roads were just beginning to be built.

I built Locate Drilling with my other company, Michael Chatery Productions. I faced many challenges and learned many lessons while managing the team I hired to build Locate Drilling, including working with investors, and navigating patents. Also, with Michael Chatery Productions, I have acted as the marketing director for many companies, including Midland Beer Garden, The CO2 Conference in Midland, APTA-PB, Melzer Consulting, Blazing Glory Productions, Texas International Drilling & Production, Anchors Secure, The Water Stoppe, and many more.

In conclusion, I would like to say I desire to utilize my current skills and knowledge to achieve my assignments to the best of my abilities. I look forward to the opportunity to develop new skills and knowledge to better perform my assignments in the future. I will strive to create an enjoyable, efficient, and productive work environment for my employer, my coworkers, our customers, and myself.

Thank you for your consideration,

Michael “Chad” Terry